About us

Starting Well was founded by Natasha Barfield and Vanessa Fudge with a team of qualified facilitators, coaches and leadership practitioners. 

As parents and leaders, both Natasha and Vanessa share a strong passion that students taking up further education, or moving into the workforce, do so in a way that nurtures their passion and capitalises on their strengths. 

We have combined the knowledge of recruitment and the swiftly changing roles in Industry 4.0, together with leadership and career coaching, to make expertise available at the very beginning of the exploration of careers and futures, not later.

Natasha Barfield

About me

Vanessa Fudge

About me

Natasha Barfield

Natasha is co-founder of Starting Well, a consulting firm created to help students successfully transition to the workforce. She is a highly experienced graduate recruitment specialist and career coach. Currently, Natasha consults to secondary schools to educate students on job readiness for Industry 4.0.

In today's rapidly evolving job market, Natasha's passion is helping students to connect their interests and passions with industry career channels. Natasha advocates for earlier engagement of students with industry to develop and expand their career horizons. By equipping students as early as possible, Natasha has found that non-traditional pathways are yielding superior long-term employment prospects. 

Industry is shifting from its traditional model, of requiring ever higher territory qualifications, to a higher weighting on soft skills and industry work experience. Natasha equips students to navigate the widening chasm between school (education) and work. 

As a critical member of Leading Well's career coaching team, Natasha founded the concept of Starting Well with the intention of equipping students to shape the future of their work. 

Specific topic areas include:

  • Key factors that predict future career success
  • Industry 4.0 and it's impact on roles
  • The new recruitment landscape
  • Commercialising soft skills
  • Developing a competitive edge in a candidate flooded market place
  • Pathways into the workforce

Natasha's qualifications include:

  • Accomplished recruiter, screening and coaching several thousand graduate candidates
  • Accredited Leading Well Career Coach
  • Glow Up career coaching accreditation
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
  • Creator of cottage industry start up's while raising young children
  • Concerned parent of two children whom will face an ever-changing job market

Vanessa is an experienced leadership coach, facilitator and author, co-founder of Starting Well and founder of Leading Well. Through her extensive experience in coaching leaders across industry, Vanessa is being that knowledge to students right at the beginning of their careers. 

Vanessa has co-authored three books with international coaching and mentoring expert David Clutterbuck from London University for Sage Press. The works cover coaching and mentoring practices in Asia Pacific, mentoring program design and team coaching. 

She was program designer, lecturer and supervisor in the Sydney Business School for the University of Wollongong's Masters of Business Coaching program. She is also a regular presenter at international leadership coaching conference for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council in Venice, Istanbul and recently the North American Association of Systemic Leaderships Practitioners. 

Vaness's clients include Thales, Vocus, NSW Treasury, Dept of Planning Industry and Environment, Coles, Lifeline, The Dept of Education, Australian Dept of Defence, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Sports Commission, The Royal Nave and Spirit of Tasmania. 

Vanessa's Qualifications include:

  • Registered Psychologist specialising in organisational system dynamics
  • Accredited Master Level Coaching Practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Systemic leadership and advanced facilitation using organisational constellations in London with an international cohort of coaching experts over the last four years. 
  • Accredited Certified Meta Coach (ACMC) through the Institute of Neuro-Semantics
  • Organisational Development Resources (ODR) Practitioner and Train the Trainer
  • Certified Leadership Circle 360 Assessment coach
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology from UNSW